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Community Alliance

Building community, for communities.

The GCA is a collective of local community professionals in the areas of recovery services, mental/ behavioral health services, social services, financial management, educational, and healthcare advocacy services throughout Jacksonville, Fl. Our mission is to provide more effective and accessible mental health counseling, as well as self sufficiency education, training and assistance. United Congregations for Communities and Youth functions as the Community Development Programming Coordinator Agency for core programming in: 

  • Youth Development 

  • Healthcare Education & Enrollment Assistance 

  • Self Sufficiency & Family Preservation

  • Financial Education 

  • Career Skills training 

  • Employer Internship

  • Wellness Education

  • Mental Health Therapy Referral

  • Financial Assistance & Referral

  • Food Assistance & Referral

If you are a professional or a volunteer that would like to join the Alliance, please send us an email at to receive information on how to register today!

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