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About us



        To use Godly wisdom in coordinating partnerships with existing entities within communities to assess the needs; then develop, implement, enhance and support programs for families and youth within targeted neighborhoods.


     Our commitment to God’s commandment to love our neighbors as ourselves is our driving force.  We use Godly principles to change communities one at a time to sustain growth for the future.






  • To improve the spiritual, mental, and physical health awareness of families and youth.


  • To educate parents and decrease neglect and child abuse to children of families served.


  • To improve basic education skills, school behavior, and attendance of youth served.


  • To empower families, through life planning, goal  setting, referrals, workshops, seminars, economic  education, and personal skill development. 

                              Dr. Regina A. Young


           United Congregations for Communities & Youth

Short story of the 

background history of United Congregations for Communities & Youth (UCCY).  



     The foundation of the organization was based on a training conducted by the Search Institute in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Dr. Young was challenged to bring the concept back to the local communities she served to encourage faith-based involvement with social service delivery.


     As a result of her efforts, UCCY pioneered these initiatives at the Hollybrook Homes Apartments, a local subsidized complex: the Virtues Youth Program, the "Healthy Hollybrook" Program which is a health maintenance program, and the Women's Empowerment & Self Sufficiency Programs. These pilot programs operated for three years.  Through progression, UCCY has expanded its programs to include different parts of the city and the country, with some components even being utilized aboard.

         A number of women have successfully completed their GED.  Some have completed college or are currently in attendance. Others have received employment training and are working.  Another group of women have moved into homes through the support of our programs.


        Since 2002, UCCY has provided gang and delinquency intervention & prevention, parent empowerment, family preservation, and community advocacy to over 7,200 families. We have had 468 participants successfully complete the empowerment program and receive their high school diplomas. We have served as community sponsors and mentors, we have provided capacity building for 223 churches and grassroots organizations, and conducted afterschool and summer programs for over 9,800 youth.


      UCCY has provided food pantry services, clothing, counseling to address mental health and social service needs, and referrals to 8,674 participants over the past 14 years.


         We continue to look for ways to help build the capacity of the individuals and communities we serve.

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